Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer of Come Back to the Band Tours

For all of you hipster, fun-lovin, pop-rock fans out there get ready for the summer of shows for you. This week No Doubt is performing at the Xcel to an absolutely pumped crowd... it has been far too long since this band has toured together. With No Doubt is also Paramore, a new alternative band that has a lot to offer and hopefully finds a friendly crowd here in the cities.

Then in a little bit more than a month Blink 182, one of the first pop-punk bands and arguably the most popular and successful is coming to St. Paul to play the Xcel Energy Center on August 18th at 6:30. Blink 182 has sold 20 million albums world-wide. However, in 2004 the band broke up to go after individual dreams. It has been just over 5 years since this high-energy fan centered band has toured together. However, the bassist Mark Hoppus was quoted as saying, "We are ready to get out on the road and play what we hope will be the most amazing tour of the season." Fans certainly hope so too. Playing with Blink 182 are Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco!

Tickets are still available for both of these concerts, buy now and don't miss the chance to be part of the pop-punk comeback!

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Twin Cities Pop-Rock fan said...

No Doubt was a GREAT show, they still have it! Maybe I will have to get tickets for the Blink 182 concert now too, any scoop on the best deals?