Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rave Reviews for Recent Xcel Energy Center Concerts

This year the Xcel Energy Center has had several great shows come through and this last week has been no exception.

On Sunday night, No Doubt rocked the Xcel Energy Center with a high-energy show that was reminiscent of the No Doubt that so many of us knew and loved in the 90's. Opening with "Spiderwebs", Gwen Stefani and the rest of the band made it clear, time apart had not taken away thier ability to rock. Following up with hits like "Hella Good", "Underneath it All", "Its my Life" and "Don't Speak" the concert was awesome from start to finish. The band took time to say a sincere thank you to the crowd and seemed to be enjoying the Twin Cities. Gwen revealed that they had watched the Minneapolis fireworks and that they were beautiful. The show ended with an encore of "Rock Steady", "Stand and Deliver" and "Sunday Morning". For all of you who missed it, the show was great and the crowd was the best... it was a great night to be in the Xcel!

Gwen Performing at the Xcel

Then last night Il Divo performed at the Xcel to a crowd of pop-opera fans. Dressed in their typical Armani suits, Il Divo looked the part of an international sensation... and then they began to sing, and swept away any doubts that this may be just another boy band. The group has true talent and concert goers last night witnessed a great performance. The guys later said they love to tour but would also love to put down roots somewhere and have a standing act, perhaps Vegas?

il Divo on stage

With the summer just getting into full swing there are still great concerts to go to and tickets left for the Xcel Energy Center!


No Doubt fan said...

No Doubt was amazing... what a great show. I've never even heard of the other band, what are they known for?

Can not wait for more punk-pop concerts at the Xcel!!

Cortney said...

I heard the No Doubt concert was phenomenal. I didn't get down there to check it out, and I think a lot of people missed out because of the holiday weekend, but I wish I could've been there!!