Friday, October 17, 2008

AC/DC Tour Stops at Xcel Energy Center

AC/DC will be at the Xcel Energy Center on Sunday November 23rd as part of their 42 stop North American tour to support Black Ice. These rock ‘n roll pioneers are sure to shake the Xcel Energy Center all night long. Fans across several generations love the group and are going to be flocking to the AC/DC concert wearing their back in black t-shirts.

I would love to go to this show, but tickets are not cheap. Ticket King has tickets in the front row of the upper deck (which would be sweet) for $170 per ticket. I would love to hear all the classics like “Highway to Hell” live – these guys have been around for awhile, but they still know how to rock! I may have to convince my buddies to splurge on a ticket with me and head over to the show – I know I have a ratty old AC/DC concert t-shirt in the back of the closet some where.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Xcel Energy Center Schedule

Want a quick look at the Xcel Energy Schedule? Ticket King St Paul has a link on the left hand sidebar for the Xcel Energy Center under concerts that lists upcoming hot shows. Of course, they have the Minnesota Wild Schedule on there, too and plenty of Minnesota Wild tickets to boot.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Xcel Energy Center Tickets

There are several places that you can buy Xcel Energy Center tickets. Here are the top 5 spots that I can think of:

>>Ticket Brokers

Of course, ticketmaster is the first place that most people think of, but a lot of times they are sold out and you can never talk to a real person, everything is automated. Besides I can never remember to log-on exactly at 9am or 10am to get tickets to my coveted event.

I have heard a lot of horror stories about Ebay so I don’t even want to try that, but I have tried Craigslist (hasn’t every one?) and have not had much luck getting tickets. Several times the tickets had already sold and they forgot to take the ad off. Three times the person never emailed me back and once the person never met me when they said they were going to. Plus I have noticed a lot of the tickets for sale are just Internet companies posting on craigslist. That takes too much time – it was exhausting even writing about it.

The next choice is the million ticket brokers out there. With the explosion of the Internet it seems there are hundreds of ticket selling websites out there. I prefer to use an online site that also has a store front, like Ticket King St Paul. They have an office just half a block from the Xcel Energy Center so I can pick up my tickets when I want and I don’t pay shipping fees and they don’t charge extra service fees at check-out so the price you see on their website is the price, no % fees at the end. I respect that.

Of course, you can take the chance and buy from scalpers on the street the night of the show/game, but I am just one of those nervous people that isn’t willing to risk my seat location until minutes before the curtain opens / puck drops. No thanks.

Perhaps I should add a 6th choice of the Xcel Energy Center box office, but I have never used them because it’s not convenient.

Leave me a COMMENT on how you find your Xcel Energy Center tickets!

Taylor Swift Rascal Flatts Rocked

I haven’t been doing that great of a job updating this Xcel Energy Center blog, but no worries I am back on track and I am getting my friends to help me! Below is a post from my friend KC who won tickets to last Friday nights Rascal Flatts concert – thanks for the review KC! Read on…

My mother won tickets to the Rascal Flatts concert from the local country radio station and gave them to my sister and me so we could have a night out on the town and it was quite a night! We sat in section 115 which normally would be so-so seats, but since the Rascal Flatts stage was enormous and included large catwalks that came all the way out to the edge of section 115, the seats were actually pretty good.

I am a huge Taylor Swift fan and her opening act performance did not disappoint. I hate to even call it an opening act because a lot of the crowd was there primarily for her (including me). There were tons of tween girls decked out in their Taylor Swift shirts and skinny jeans. Taylor sang all her top songs, but she didn’t sing Oh, My, My which is one of my favorite songs – I guess she can’t sing them all. I would 100% buy Taylor Swift tickets, she is amazing.

Rascal Flatts had a cool stage set-up with really high-tech graphics/light show. My sister and I both agreed we had forgotten how many “popular” songs they had and how we knew the words to every Rascal Flatts song. The Xcel Energy Center was totally packed and everyone was on their feet the entire time, my feet were killing me! LOL!

Celebrity sightings: My friend Cortney over at style and sports claims she saw Minnesota Wild players James Sheppard and Josh Harding at the show. Minnesota Vikings players came out on stage after the Flatts show, I saw Jared Allan for sure and I think Bernard Berrian and two others that I couldn’t quite make out from my section 115 seats – LOL!

After the show we called my parents to Thank them for the tickets, my mother was already in bed, but my dad was up watching some car race on TV and I think he appreciated our enthusiasm and thoughtfulness to call. If you have never been to a concert at the Xcel Energy Center, you are missing out – buy Xcel Energy Center tickets today and get out to St Paul for a guaranteed good time.