Friday, November 7, 2008

Trans Siberian Orchestra at Xcel Energy Center

If you haven’t seen Trans Siberian Orchestra in the Twin Cities yet, you are missing out. The group comes almost every year right around the holidays and puts on a rockin’ hit show full of music, lights and special effects. Trans Siberian Orchestra is touted as one of the biggest arena attractions in rock music and the 2007 Winter tour played to over 1.2 million fans putting them 2nd on Billboard Magazine most attended tour list. If you missed the show last year, do not miss it this year.

Trans Siberian Orchestra will put on two shows at the Xcel Energy Center this year on Sunday, December 7 at 3 p.m. and 7:30 p.m – I think going to the 3pm show and then heading out to dinner after ward would be the perfect way to spend a Sunday in December! If you have been to the Trans Siberian show before, leave comments so others will know how great of an experience TSO really is!

Trans Siberian Orchestra


Cortney said...

I've never been to see TSO, but I've only heard really positive things about it from the people I know that have gone!

Anonymous said...

TSO will blow you away. The singers, and musicians in TSO make all the so called "stars" of today look like self absorbed amateurs.

This tour they have a bigger and amazing light and pyro show (flames.. not just fireworks type stuff)
If you have never seen them before.. I'd be surprised if your jaw wasn't on the floor by the 2nd song.

They evidently donate to and accept donations for a local charity at every city.

At the show i saw, the whole band stuck around after the show so people could meet them.

Just go see them. Nuff said.