Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pearl Jam at the X on October 19th

Pearl Jam is playing at the Xcel Energy Center this October 19th and it’s a concert you don’t want to miss. Eddie Vedder and company are sure to put on a memorable show, so be sure to get tickets today!

Most of the tickets are almost gone. In fact when tickets went on sale on May 30th I remember seeing a good sized crowd lining up in front of the X, at least over 200. Despite the high numbers, it looked like employees at the X had things under control, moving all the lines at the same pace.

In fact, I like to imagine two Peal Jam fans having the following interaction:

*Pearl Jam Fan 1 hastily walks up to Pearl Jam Fan 2, who was already in line prepared to get tickets*  
Pearl Jam Fan 1: Hey man, just got here - how are the lines moving?   
Pearl Jam Fan 2:  All lines are moving about the same. It's an even flow. 
End Scene. 

Tickets are selling fast, so if you want to snag some, be sure to purchase them here now.

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