Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lady Gaga adds a second concert in St. Paul, round two to get your Lady Gaga Concert Tickets

Monster Ball Tour promotional photo of Lady Gaga and backup dancers After all of the Lady Gaga Tickets sold out almost immediately for the Xcel Energy Center Lady Gaga Concert, the queen of pop added a second show. Lady Gaga will now be performing at the Xcel Energy Center on Monday August 30th and Tuesday August 31st, both shows will be at 8:00 with doors opening at 7:00.

Lady Gaga has been quoted saying, "it's more of a musical and less than a concert." With the Monster Ball Concert (Musical) rolling in late summer, Lady Gaga fans have lots of time to prepare for what some people are calling the concert event of the year in St. Paul. The Lady Gaga Concerts at the Xcel Energy Center by far will be some of the biggest ticket spends for summer concerts this year. If you are even thinking about going to the Lady Gaga concert buy your tickets NOW... the second Lady Gaga Concert will be extremely popular and will likely sell out as well.

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B said...

I have tickets to the first show and am SO excited for this concert!!