Monday, January 25, 2010

Looking for Restaurants near the Xcel Energy Center, West 7th Street Area provides lots of great eateries

Street View from W 7th of the Xcel Energy Center
The Xcel Energy Center is host to lots of great sporting, music and theatrical events every week. As the official home of the Minnesota Wild, during the hockey season it seems like there are always people in and around the arena. With the multitude of people who show up on West 7th and Kellogg Street in Saint Paul to attend events at the Xcel Energy Center it may seem like a daunting challenge to find somewhere to eat that won't have you waiting in line for hours and hours...

I would like to suggest a few of my favorite Restaurants near the Xcel Energy Center that always have fast service and great food. The first and obvious choice is the Eagle Street Grill, although the extreme proximity to the Xcel Energy Center can make this bar and grille a bit busy, the food is amazing and there are lots of great drink specials. If you are looking for a lighter option the chef salad there is one of the best in the city.

Another great place to grab a burger and or a brew before attending something on the Xcel Energy Center Event List is McGoverns. McGoverns is located on West 7th just a block away from the Xcel Energy Center.

A third a total local favorite for MN Wild fans who work in the St. Paul area is Cossetta's... a mix salad, pizza, pasta and sandwiches served deli style and Delicious. My personal favorite is the peperoni pizza or the lasagna.

If you are in a hurry, you can always grab arena food inside the Xcel Energy Center and eat in your seat... For wild games I love a big beer and a hotdog with all of the fixings.

No matter which Xcel Energy Center area restaurant you go to, a night in the W 7th Street area is always a good time!

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Now I am hungry! I love the Eagle Street Grille menu and atmosphere, but sometimes it is packed in there. It is very close to Ticket King St Paul where you can get great Minnesota Wild Tickets