Monday, August 31, 2009

Is the Xcel Energy Center better than the Target Center for concerts?

Every hockey fan knows the Xcel Energy Center ROCKS for hockey games, but which center is better for concerts Xcel Energy Center St Paul or Target Center Minneapolis? This is a hot debate among music lovers in the Twin Cities area. I get emails and comments from both sides of the river. Since I write blogs about both venues, I try not to be overly biased (but I do prefer the Xcel Energy Center – if you didn’t know that read my Target Center Box Office is a Joke post).

It seems to me that the Target Center has been getting more big name pop stars lately like Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift – what’s up with that? My friend scored some really great The Fray Tickets to their Target Center concert in July, but left wishing the show was at the Xcel Center because he thought the sound would have been better.

Lil’ Wayne was at the Target Center in January and will now be at the Xcel Center tomorrow night (less than nine months later!) Do you suppose he is hoping for better sound? If you went to the Target Center Lil Wayne Show and are going to the Xcel Center Lil’ Wayne Show – let me know which one you liked better.


Anonymous said...

Lil Wayne rocked the Target, but the acoustics were sooo bad and I'm SOOO broke that I'll be in the nosebleeds for this concert, too...hopefully I'll be able to make out what's going on at the Xcel!

Kelly, St Louis Park said...

The Xcel is way better - I saw Taylor Swift at Target Center last night and the sound was not that great - plus the sight lines are better at the Xcel!