Thursday, April 16, 2009

Aerosmith Xcel Energy Center

I guess the Xcel Energy Center heard my plea for more big concert announcements because they just announced that Aerosmith and ZZ Top will be in St Paul on Tuesday September 8th. Talk about a rockers dream ticket. KQRS has been promoting the heck out of the show and it hasn’t even gone on sale to the general public yet. Aerosmith Tickets go on-sale on Saturday April 18th.

The Aerosmith ZZ Top tour is creating a stir in the music industry and is promising to be one of the "best live shows of the summer." Aerosmith is famous with many top hits and to pair up on the ticket with the bearded legends of ZZ Top is phenomenal.

Xcel Energy Center St Paul is proud to host Aerosmith and ZZ Top, but Aerosmith Tickets aren’t cheap! Face value for the Aerosmith St Paul show is $60 - $200 with most tickets priced closer to the $200 range. I am wondering if the steep price will cause the show to sell out quickly or not. Either way you can bet ticket brokers will have their hand in the mix with seats available right up until show time for over face value. This just shows that Rock ‘N Roll is here to stay.

aerosmith tour stops at Xcel Energy Center St Paul

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Cortney said...

Really? Really Steven Tyler? ANOTHER Tour?