Friday, May 28, 2010

Hold onto your hats Tweens, the Jonas Brothers Tour is coming to the Xcel Energy Center for a JO Bros Concert!

The Jonas Brothers as featured on the Jonas Brothers Concert Posters from the 2010 Jonas Brothers Summer Tour
Thats right girls, the Jo Bros will be stopping at the Xcel Energy Center as a part of their Summer 2010 Tour. The Jonas Brother and Demi Lovato will be touring to promote their new movie Camp Rock 2: the final jam. The Jonas Brothers have told the press they are eager to get back on the road and give back to the fans that have made the mulit-platinum superstars.
Unique to the Xcel Energy Center Jonas Brothers Concert will be the Iron Range Grill Parents Room. Instead of having to buy a tickets to accompany minors to the Jonas Brothers Concert, parents of tweens at the show will be able to drop their kids off at the Xcel Energy Center and go to the Iron Range Grill inside the venue to eat and wait for the Jonas Brothers Demi Lovato Concert to be over. At the end of the JO Bro's show, their kids can meet them on the main concourse.

Jonas Brothers Tickets are selling really fast, if you plan on taking your tween Buy your Jo Bros Tickets today!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Metal Band Tool coming to the Xcel Energy Center for a July Concert

Tool Concert Live

If you think garage and handy-work when you hear the word Tool, then you have clearly never experienced the exhilarating sounds of Tool, the alternative metal band. Tool is an alternative metal rock group that often is described as art rock or a performance band. The band emerged in the 1990’s and has topped the charts and the award shows several times.

The Tool Concert will be Thursday July 1st at 8:00 p.m. This will be Tool’s fourth appearance at the Xcel Energy Center and Tool Tickets are likely to sell out fast since the band has a huge LOYAL following. Don’t miss your chance to see Tool live. Tool is touted as one of the most innovative and creative metal bands of our time.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Roger Waters brings "The Wall" to the Xcel Energy Center for a once in a lifetime concert experience

Roger Waters The Wall
Rock legend Roger Waters, the co-founder and lead songwriter for influential rock group Pink Floyd will be at the Xcel Energy Center on October 27th at 8:00 p.m. as a part of the 30th anniversary tour of the release of "The Wall".

"The Wall" was released in 1979, was the top selling album of 1980 and is still one of the US Top 5 Selling albums of all time. When it was first released press hype was huge surrounding the legendary sound the album offered. The New York Times (March 2, 1980) declared that “’The Wall’ show remains a milestone in rock history, it will be the touchstone against which all future rock spectacles must be measured."

Don't miss your chance to see Roger Waters of Pink Floyd as he brings "the Wall" to the Xcel Energy Center on October 27th.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Simon and Garfunkel Xcel Energy Show RESCHEDULED! If you have Simon and Garfunkel Tickets read this

Simon and Garfunkel on stage
A friend of mine has Simon and Garfunkel Tickets for the Simon and Garfunkel Concert at the Xcel Energy Center and just passed along to me that the show has been rescheduled. I just want to keep spreading the word, nothing is worse than being really pumped to go to a show only to get there and realize that you are the only person who did not realize that the show details had been changed. So let me say this again, the Simon and Garfunkel Xcel Energy Center concert has been RESCHEDULED!

The new show will be July 12th at 8:00 pm.... so for all of you who were planning on coming down to the Xcel Energy Center this Saturday to catch a little "bridge over troubled water" DON'T! You will have to wait listening to the "Sounds of Silence" until July 12th when the dynamic duo Simon and Garfunkel will be at the Xcel Energy Center.