Thursday, May 21, 2009

Keith Urban Pictures and Review

Thanks to Shawna Robertson Photography for the awesome Keith Urban pictures. Shawna went to the Xcel Energy Center show and sat in the 9th row on the floor. She said her seats were amazing and that Keith Urban put on one of best shows she has ever seen. His stage set-up was interesting as was his dialogue and he connected with his audience on many occasions. She said the Xcel Energy Center may be a big venue, but Keith Urban made it feel like an intimate jam session.

If you haven’t seen a show at the Xcel Energy Center, you are missing out and if you have then you know exactly how awesome it can be.

Keith Urban Xcel Energy Center 2009:

Keith Urban Stage
Keith Urban Xcel Energy Center
Keith Urban Love
Keith Urban Xcel Energy Center Stage

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Xcel Energy Center Show Recap with Photos

I think the Xcel Energy Center is trying something new with concert fans. A friend of mine went to the Elton John Billy Joel show on Tuesday night and said he had a great time and imagine his surprise when on Wednesday he got a “Thank You” email from the Xcel Energy Center, Billy Joel and Elton John including a link to “exclusive photos.” My friend sent me the link since he knows I write an Xcel Energy Center blog.

I must say the Thank You email is an interesting marketing idea, but I get irritated with all my incoming emails the way it is, I would choose to unsubscribe in a heartbeat and the exclusive photos weren’t any more special than the pictures in the Pioneer Press.

I didn’t make it to Elton John Billy Joel show, but plenty of other people did. The sold-out crowd was reported as 19,960 –that’s a lot of people and a lot of dollar signs for Elton and Billy especially since each St Paul concert ticket was $150 or more!

Here's a photo from the "exclusive" link:

elton john billy joel at xcel energy center st paul