Friday, October 28, 2011

Xcel Energy Center wins awards for being green!

Xcel Energy 50-50 in 2The Xcel Energy Center, along with the St Paul RiverCentre, released the 2nd annual Sustainability Report this week. The venues have successfully completed the "50-50 in 2" waste reduction initiative they set out to do. You, like me, may be wondering what the "50-50 in 2" means! Well, the X, RiverCentre and Roy Wilkins set out to reduce the amount of waste generated by 50% as well as increase the amount of recycling to 50%, by July 2011. Starting two years ago, these venues increased the amount of recycling bins--which is now 1 to 1 with trash cans!

Over 90% of the food service disposables have been switched to compostables, which has made some areas, such as the Treasure Island Ice Lodge in the Xcel, to become almost trash-free! The cups, plates and utensils are now added along with food leftovers into a compost. All bottles and cans are recycled.

These facilities also won the 2011 Recycling Association of Minnesota's 'Green Project' Award for the leaps and bounds reduction in waste they have made!

Way to Go Green!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Minnesota Wild Treasure Island Ice Lodge access!

Minnesota Wild Treasure Island Ice LodgeHave you heard that the Xcel Energy Center has a Treasure Island Ice Lodge pass?!

When you order Minnesota Wild tickets that are on the glass (OTG) tickets, you receive access to the Treasure Island (TI) Ice Lodge. In the Ice Lodge, you receive complimentary food and beverages, starting an hour and a half before the start of all Minnesota Wild home games, and the Lodge stays open until at least an hour following the Wild game.

Beer, wine and soda are all complimentary, and mixed drinks are available for purchase at the cash bar in the Lodge. The menu consists of carved sandwiches, salads, hot dogs and gourmet desserts. Starting when the Ice Lodge opens and being served through the first intermission are the sandwiches and salads. Hot dogs and snacks are surved all game and post game, and desserts are served starting during the second intermission and post-game.

You must have either an OTG ticket, or a TI Ice Lodge pass to gain valid entry into the Treasure Island Ice Lodge. The OTG ticket will be hole-punched, and the TI Ice Lodge pass will be surrendered, and in both cases, you will receive a wristband. This wristband will be needed to regain entry back into the Lodge after the initial visit.

What an awesome option to have to make going to a Minnesota Wild game a little bit more special! Think of the people you could impress by bringing them to a Wild game to sit in on the glass seats, and hang out in the Ice Lodge! Business associates and family alike would be impressed!

Ticket King has Minnesota Wild on the glass tickets available for most games and you get the Treasure Island Ice Lodge Passes with the order of any OTG tickets bought through them. You should give Ticket King a call to see if they have the OTG seats for the game(s) you're wanting to go to! If you aren't sure which Wild tickets will get you the TI passes, give the friendly staff at Ticket King a call and they would be more than happy to help you find OTG tickets for a game!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Minnesota Wild standings 2011

The Minnesota Wild have had a fairly good start to the 2011-2012 NHL season! The Minnesota Wild Standings put the Wild in 2nd place in the Northwest Division of the Western Conference, and 4th place overall in the Western Conference.

If you're a Minnesota Wild fan, you should come to the next home game and help cheer on the home team! The Wild are currently 2-0 at home, so let's keep that home field advantage going!
I am hoping that the Wild are the Minnesota sports team that will really give us something to cheer about this year!

Here are the next few home games for the Wild at Xcel Energy Center:
Saturday 10/15 7pm
Tuesday 10/18 7pm
Thursday 10/27 7pm
Saturday 10/29 7pm