Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Kids on the Block and Boy Band Revival

Although it is quite a few days away, the Xcel Energy Center is getting ready for a huge comeback. The New Kids on the Block are making their way back to Minnesota for the fist time in a long time. Could the New Kids on the Block be as big as Hannah Montana at the Target Center last year on the same day, October 21st? Doubtful. Even with their new song, “Summertime,” the New Kids concert tour hasn't created the same buzz as Hannah Montana.

If you can't see the New Kids, don't worry because there are plenty of boy band revivals happening in the Twin Cities. The Backstreet Boys will be performing at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand on August 23rd. The questions will be, which boy band one will sell more tickets? New Kids on the Block or the Backstreet Boys? It's a good old fashioned battle of the boy bands. Buy your tickets today!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Walking with Dinosaurs Hits Xcel Energy Center

It’s not too late to buy Walking with Dinosaurs tickets. The Xcel Energy Center show is touted as one of the best shows of its kind with humungous lifelike prehistoric creatures roaming the stage. There are over a dozen re-creations of ancient reptiles that roam the stage with remarkable realism. Ten large dinosaurs and five small ones are set in motion by experienced puppeteers and radio control. Adults and children alike will be wowed at the remarkable special effects. Don’t pass up this once in a lifetime educational show!

Monday, June 9, 2008

R.E.M. Have Still Got It!

R.E.M played at the Xcel Energy Center last Thursday. I went to the show with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised by the performances that night. First of all, my Xcel Energy Center ticket for this show was amazing, Floor R row 9! Some people think that being off to the left or right no the main floor isn't a great seat, but I had a great view of the stage and the bands. Take a look at some of my pictures from this show, they're amazing!!!

Here is one of the opening bands, Modest Mouse:


And REM:

All in all REM played a really good set. REM played a lot of selections from their new album, as well as fan favorites like "Fall on Me" (my favorite one of the night) and they closed the show with "Man on the Moon."
As usual Michael Stipe's banter was politically charged inbetween almost every song. He praised Obama and declared that he would be voting for him this November.

To me though, Modest Mouse stole the show. They didn't play any of their 'hits' like "Float on" and "The Ocean Breathes Salty" they stuck to fans only favorites like "Satin in a Coffin" and "Bury Me With It"

Next time REM comes to town be sure to get your Xcel Energy Center tickets fast, because the show was only a half house concert making less tickets for such a fun show!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Walking with Dinosaurs Xcel Energy Center

I had my friend Mary write a post about Walking with the Dinosaurs at Xcel Energy Center. Thanks Mary!

I remember being about 10 years old and hiding under my seat while in the theatres watching Jurassic Park. It’s safe to say that animated, fully-functioning dinosaurs are a lot scarier than reading about them in text books. I have always thought dinosaurs were interesting, and even considered paleontology as a major, but once I figured out that I’d be in the desert all day, digging in the heat, I wasn’t too stoked.

Walking with Dinosaurs seems like it would be a lot like Jurassic Park; minus the ravenous, blood-thirsty reptiles (and Jeff Goldblum) and more like a really cool museum exhibit that’s been brought to life. Originally, Walking with Dinosaurs was a BBC documentary series that won numerous awards and became popular in the United States when it debuted on the Discovery Channel. The show has done extremely well, as it should, considering it costs about $9.4 million to put together. When it was announced that the show would be coming to the Xcel Energy Center St Paul, many Minnesota residents scooped up Walking with the Dinosaurs tickets. I would be interested in sitting close and center because I’ve heard the detail of the dinosaurs is excellent and other reviews say the plant-life they use for scenery is realistic. If you want great seats, check out local ticket brokers like Ticket King St Paul. With an office right by the Xcel Energy Center, Ticket King is convenient for picking up tickets and since they are local, the prices are reasonable and you are supporting a locally run business.