Wednesday, April 30, 2008

REM Just Announced at the Xcel Energy Center

Everyone’s favorite college rock radio pioneers R.E.M. will be back in Minnesota for a show at the Xcel Energy Center on June 5th. REM has not been here since the Vote for Change Tour in 2004 (which was one of my all time favorite concerts!) The band is currently on tour in support of their new album, “Accelerate.”

What is even more exciting for this event is that the opening bands are some of my favorite acts to see as well! Keeping in their college radio tradition, bands Modest Mouse and The National will open the show. R.E.M. are smart by doing this because it will bring a larger, younger fan base to the Xcel Energy Center show.

The new R.E.M. “Accelerate” album is critically acclaimed and is selling better than REM’s past few attempts. REM will no doubt run down their extensive greatest hits with songs like, “Radio Free Europe,” “Man on the Moon,” “Everybody Hurts,” “Losing my Religion,” and “Crush With Eyeliner” just to name very few! REM has been a band for over 20 years and certainly has one of the most extensive catalogs.

Tickets go on sale May 11th, 2008. Xcel Energy Center tickets are going to go fast for this hot summer show – REM shows have sold slow in the past, but with a lineup like this, the REM concert tickets are sure to sell out as fast as the Vote For Change Tour did years ago.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Xcel Energy Center Summer Concerts welcomes George Michael

The Minnesota Wild season is over and the Xcel Energy Center is gearing up for hot summer concerts including George Michael and Neil Diamond, both in July. The shows are sure to attract different crowds of people, but the Xcel Energy Center prides itself on its diverse shows that can appeal to any music connoisseur.

George Michael, scheduled for July 7th, is sure to draw fans from out of the metro area and possibly out of state since the Monday show is at the tail end of the July 4th weekend. The George Michael tour, is in support of his new 2 disc greatest hits album which features on disc “For Living” and the second “For Loving.” George Michael concert goers will be able to rock out to favorites like “Wake Me Up Before you Go-Go,” “Faith,” “Freedom ’90,” and “Father Figure.” Buy your George Michael tickets today!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Minnesota Wild Playoffs

The Minnesota Wild Playoffs will draw in over 18,000 fans to the Xcel Energy Center for each home game. The Minnesota Wild earned the Northwest Division title and home ice advantage which will give the Minnesota Wild the first two home games of the NHL playoffs, game 5 and the final game 7, if necessary. All of the Minnesota Wild action will be great for all of the downtown St Paul businesses and great for the Xcel Energy Center. Be sure to buy Minnesota Wild playoff tickets and head down to the Xcel Energy Center.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Minnesota Wild Playoffs

The Minnesota Wild Regular Season is quickly coming to an end at the Xcel Energy Center. The Wild have only three - strike that, one home game left. The Wild won their Friday March 28th vs Vancouver Canucks game 4-0, they won the Sunday March 30th vs Colorado Avalanche game 3-2 and there is only one game left on Thursday April 3rd vs Calgary Flames.

Every point matters as the NHL Playoff race heats up. The Minnesota Wild fate in the NHL Playoffs will come right down to the last game. Buy Minnesota Wild Tickets today and catch the last Minnesota Wild regular season game at the Xcel Energy Center. Or buy a Minnesota Wild Playoff home game ticket to be present in the Wilds postseason.